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      電  話:022-29485265
      傳  真:022-29484060
      手  機:13820886292
      郵  箱:tjsl2000@163.com




      Established in 1998, with more than ten years of production experience, Tianjin Shuangli Medical Apparatus Co, Ltd

      has been focused on manufacture of disposable case for oral surgery instruments, disposable atomizing inhaling tube

      disposable inhaling nozzle, mask atomizing inhaler, disposable rhinoscope, disposable indirect laryngoscope, disposable

      tongue depressor, disposable dressing change kit, disposable sterile vaginal dilator and other class I and Il medical

      apparatuses. The Company is located between Beijing and Tianjin, in the scenic and convenient Wuqing District of Tianji

      After years of development, the Company is now reputed in the medical apparatus industry with advanced productio

      acilities and inspection equipments, and well-trained professionals, Sticking to steady business strategies, the Company

      boasts gradually increasing strength. With the production capacity of 30 million sets annually and products sold to more

      than 30 provinces and cities across the country, Now our company has passed the quality management system certification

       of medical device manufacturers

      The ever increasing morbidity of infectious diseases and growing number of patients has raised people's concern on

      health; in order to prevent cross-infection, the disposable non-toxic and sterile clinic inspection equipments developed by

      the Company are highly recommended for use by medical care workers

      The products of the Company are made from quality medical materials and ethylene oxide -sterilized, guaranteeing

      the safety and reliability in two years of useful life

      Quality, market, reputation and customer needs have long been the Company,'s objective and rule of survival and

      development; and the Company sticks to the principle of "reputation first, quality first, customer first and service first". The

      Company is looking forward to cooperating with all colleague and providing the best products and services for all medical

      workers and patients, assuring people's health

      If you choose a Shuangli product, you will choose a reliable and reliable partner.

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